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A Skilled Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you have an injury or disabling illness that will prevent you from working for a year or longer, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. For many people who have paid into this important U.S. government system over the years, monthly SSDI checks make all the difference in being able to afford basic living expenses.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies a high percentage of initial disability applications for reasons that those in dire need of benefits do not understand. Do not give up if this has happened to you. I am George R. Garrison, an attorney in Sevierville, Tennessee, with the knowledge and experience to help you appeal a denial of your valid SSD claim.

Appealing SSD Denials

I know how intimidating the process for obtaining disability benefits is for most people. Examiners look for specific medical terminology. It is necessary to establish that you are incapable of performing work due to a “qualifying impairment.” Although applicants over age 50 are more likely to be approved, any number of problems can lead to rejection. Then:

  • It is critical to file for reconsideration within 60 days of your denial notice.
  • I will assess your disability, reasons for the denial and additional evidence that will be required to appeal to this decision. If I do not believe you qualify for benefits, I will tell you.
  • If the reconsideration phase does not result in approval, it will be necessary to prepare for a hearing before an administrative law judge and possibly the next level of appeal.

With over 32 years of legal experience, I will provide the assertive and aggressive guidance that you need.

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As an experienced disability lawyer, I have helped many people in Sevierville, Cocke, Jefferson and other East Tennessee communities successfully navigate the SSD appeal process. I am George R. Garrison in Sevierville. Having the right lawyer on your side can dramatically increase your chances of success, and you will not pay anything upfront. I provide free face-to-face initial consultations. Please contact me online or call 800-491-1251 or 865-280-0680.