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Helping Motorcycle Accident Victims

Even the most safety-conscious motorcyclists are vulnerable to serious injuries in a crash. When car-motorcycle or truck-motorcycle accidents occur, it is common for an at-fault driver to claim that the motorcyclist broke a traffic law or was “impossible” to see. These and other factors make it critical to get knowledgeable, trustworthy legal counsel who understands personal injury law.

After a motorcycle accident, you can count on effective and understanding legal representation from George R. Garrison in Sevierville, Tennessee. With over 30 years of experience, I am a skilled negotiator and knowledgeable litigator ready to represent you. I will pursue the compensation you deserve.

A Reliable Personal Injury Attorney

I have ridden motorcycles and have insight into the risks and hazards bikers face. If you were injured due to another driver’s negligence near Sevierville, Cocke or elsewhere in East Tennessee, I will prioritize your case and seek every dollar of compensation available. Supported by a genuinely caring, professional staff, I emphasize:

  • Focused, personal attention to your needs and frequent communication until your case is resolved
  • An all-out effort to establish causation and fault for an accident that may have left you unable to work or permanently disabled due to injuries ranging from fractures and crush injuries to the brain and spinal cord
  • Rigor in negotiations with insurance representatives who know my reputation for taking winning cases through trial

You may be worried about bias against you as a motorcyclist. It can be difficult to know what rights you have under the law and how much money you can recover under another driver’s or your own insurance coverage. Perhaps you are coping with the unimaginable grief of having lost a loved one far too soon in a tragic, fatal accident. Regardless of your situation, I can help you.

Effective Legal Guidance Every Time

I am here to relieve these burdens in every way that I can as your lawyer, while you focus on healing. If you cannot travel, I will visit you. I am personal injury attorney George R. Garrison in Sevierville, Tennessee. For a free consultation, contact me online or call 865-280-0680. You will take on no added financial risk, because I charge attorney fees only when my clients succeed in obtaining compensation.