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An Ally For Truck Accident Victims

Any type of motor vehicle collision can be devastating, but accidents involving tractor-trailer rigs and other huge commercial trucks almost always cause serious injuries. Even at low speeds, the size difference between the vehicles takes its toll. At highway speeds, car-truck wrecks are often permanently life-changing or tragically fatal.

If you are suffering after a trucking accident in or near Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson or Knox counties in Tennessee, I encourage you to promptly contact me, attorney George R. Garrison in Sevierville. Your lawyer’s experience and reputation matter even more in a trucking case than in a more typical motor vehicle accident, and I have been negotiating aggressively and seeking justice at trial for injury victims since 1990.

Justice For You And Your Family

I know that the challenges ahead for you and your family are intimidating. Your attention belongs on personal recovery and healing. My focus will be on explaining your rights, helping you make sound decisions and building the strongest case possible for maximum compensation in the face of complex factors such as:

  • Transportation companies, other corporations and their insurers defend their interests and reputations aggressively when fault for a truck accident is disputed.
  • In some cases, evidence of trucker fatigue, intoxication, distraction or other negligence is actively concealed.
  • Quick settlement offers are intended to serve trucking companies’ and their insurance companies’ interests, and not yours.

Your attorney must have solid knowledge of state and federal trucking regulations and commercial insurance coverage. Your case may also call for expert investigation and testimony, and your attorney must have the resources to deliver that. Above all, you should make certain that your lawyer has taken comparable personal injury or wrongful death matters all the way through trial. I have all these qualifications, and insurance companies and their lawyers know it.

Call Me For A Free Consultation

In my more than 30 years of practice, I have represented many people who have been injured in truck accidents. I am personal injury attorney George R. Garrison in Sevierville, Tennessee. While my East Tennessee clients focus on recovery, I focus on the legal work. You can count on my direct, focused attention to your case, beginning with a free initial consultation. For the legal guidance and hardworking representation you need, contact me online for a free consultation or call 865-280-0680.