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Spring tourism can put you in unfamiliar situations

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Whether it’s a spring break trip or an early family trip before the summer season — or people from northern areas trying to seek warmer weather — the spring is a big season for tourists. They flock to the roads and explore new areas. This can certainly be fun for the whole family, and it’s a way to make lasting memories.

Unfortunately, it can also put people in some rather unfamiliar situations. It may lead to car accidents and injuries. To stay safe, you need to know how this impacts your risks.

Renting a new vehicle

One potential issue is that tourists may fly to their destinations and then rent cars. Common advice is to get one that is as similar as possible to your own daily driver. However, people don’t always stick to this, and they may have very little say in what car they actually get.

An unfamiliar car can cause accidents when people don’t fully understand the blind spots, the braking capabilities, and things of this nature. If the vehicle is much larger than their normal car — someone who drives a sedan to work renting a van for the whole family, for instance — it can really feel harder to drive.

Driving on new roads

The second main issue is that people are also going to be driving on new, unfamiliar roads. Most people spend the majority of their time driving on the same streets, all within a few miles of their homes. This is why they say “most accidents occur close to home.” It’s not that these roads are more difficult to drive on. It’s just a statistical probability that this is where a person will be when they crash.

On vacation, though, roads are all new and unknown. People may miss their exits, not know what the speed limits are or even run into road designs they’re not familiar with — such as a traffic circle. All of these issues can lead to accidents.

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